the future is now.

Strong schools create strong communities. The time is now to address our needs so we can build on our strengths and give our students and our communities the best opportunities for success.

When the Facilities Task Force conducted a comprehensive study of the district, it identified the following needs:

Safety and Security

  • Improve secure entrances for all buildings including camera systems and door locks so school visitors are greeted and screened before entering
  • Eliminate other potential risks that our students and community are exposed to, such as unsafe locker room floors

Career and Technical Education

  • Expand our course offerings and spaces to support more interest in career opportunities (trades, broadcasting, journalism, food processing and preparation, agriculture)
  • Create multi-functional spaces that include modern equipment, provide flexibility and offer adequate storage


  • Purchase content-specific equipment that is equitable and updated to support current and future education and technology
  • Create flexible areas for small- and large-group discussions to enhance engagement and hands-on learning
  • Develop classroom space that better aligns with class sizes; specialty programs and equipment needs for career and technical education, band, choir, art, weight training, etc.
  • Create learning spaces that accommodate 21st century skill building and support our work with community partnerships

Early Childhood Education

  • Create strong early learning programs that start children on even footing by aligning early learning and elementary programs
  • Create adequate space for our early learning programs (childcare, ECFE, preschool, etc.) and relocate the programs into a shared space with our elementary population
  • Make infant and parental care/education available to everyone who needs them in our communities

Fine Arts/Music

  • Create the proper infrastructure to provide a 21st Century Fine Arts experience, including:
    – Classroom space, breakout space (soundproof) and practice space to adequately facilitate a growing enrollment
    – An updated auditorium (stage, sound, lights, rigging, etc.) that meets our program needs
    – Changing rooms to provide proper privacy with restrooms nearby
    – Storage that is easily accessible and climate controlled for safety and preservation for instruments and props

Deferred Maintenance

  • Perform required maintenance on HVAC, plumbing, electrical, deteriorated building envelope and finishes, etc.
  • Ensure sufficient lighting in parking lots to provide safety for drivers and pedestrians
  • Free up Long-Term Facilities Funding in order to address leaking roofs sooner


  • Provide additional space for more diverse programs and flexibility for future growth
  • Address land and space issues for future ROCORI growth


  • Enhance our facilities and programming opportunities to help grow our communities and keep our enrollment strong and stable
  • Support Richmond and Rockville communities by investing in their buildings
  • Support the health and wellness of all ages (birth through senior) by providing appropriate fitness and activity spaces and programs (gathering, community education, walking track, etc.)
  • Improve and expand partnerships with community entities by investing in both our programs and facilities

Activities and Physical Education

  • Improve accessibility, safety and availability of our swimming pool and surrounding area by updating seating and aging mechanical systems
  • Improve fitness and strength training spaces and equipment, which are a growing part of physical education curriculum and sports programs
  • Build adequate gymnasium, field and flexible multi-purpose spaces where students can practice on site after school
  • Create more spaces that support a diverse array of activities including fine arts
  • Update our sound and lighting in many of our activities’ areas, including Richmond and Rockville
  • Provide dedicated space for Robotics

Alternative Learning Center (ALC)

  • Address the waitlist for the ALC with more classroom space
  • Create a facility that better represents the learning needs of ALC students with programs that align with the real world experiences our students will encounter after high school
  • Expand the program to accommodate grades 6-12 and provide more at-risk students with support and interventions quicker/sooner


Question 1

  • Create secure entries with direct supervision at all three elementary schools.
  • Provide five additional classrooms to support growing enrollment at Cold Spring elementary.
  • Create five additional classrooms at the ROCORI secondary building.
  • Create a new Early Childhood and Family Center and relocate the early childhood programs and community education support space from the DEF facility to the main Cold Spring campus.
  • Update commons space to create improved flexible learning and support space at John Clark and Richmond elementary schools. Convert the existing office space at Cold Spring elementary into office space for programs such as counselors and Title and Intervention Teachers. Rededicate the pods to flexible learning space.
  • Relocate the ALC program from the temporary modular building to a new and larger facility.
  • Remodel and add on to the ROCORI secondary building to create new and improved opportunities in Career and Technical Education (CTE).
  • Provide improved acoustics, sound system, and theatrical equipment for the existing auditorium. Create a scene shop and dressing rooms, which do not currently exist.
  • Create a new combination music instructional space and black box performance space.
  • Upgrade critical technology infrastructure.
  • Provide new furniture to create flexible learning spaces, with a focus on small- and large-group work, throughout the district.
  • Address the most critical deferred maintenance items from the facility analysis at John Clark Elementary, Richmond Elementary, Cold Spring Elementary, and the ROCORI Secondary building.

Question 2

  • Provide a new multi-purpose community center including five courts and an eight-lane walking and running track for the Cold Spring campus.
  • Provide a new eight lane pool with integral diving well in the Secondary building. Discontinue the existing pool and convert it into instructional space.


Not addressing these educational and deferred maintenance needs now will affect us in two primary ways.

It could elevate the level of repairs and create the need for more extensive solutions down the road.

It would pave the way for more significant future investments as inflation, home values, materials and labor costs continue to rise.