Now is the time to make ROCORI STRONG.

Passing the referendum would impact the district and our communities in countless ways.

Safety and Security

The most effective way to keep our schools safe is to keep threats out in the first place. Screening visitors via cameras at our elementary schools is not enough. This plan will provide secure entrances at all three elementary schools to keep people separated from our children until they have been fully screened.


It’s the responsibility of our schools and our communities to provide quality career opportunities for our children. This plan will provide additional and improved career education and learning spaces that expand opportunities for students so they can secure good jobs beyond high school.


Our current pool was originally built in 1969, with the latest updates completed 30 years ago. Out of precaution and due to concerns from swimmers and parents, ROCORI staff shut down the pool for 10 days this winter, requiring students to be bussed to Apollo for late night practices. Because of aged equipment, district staff have had to close the pool on several other occasions. The current pool has limited accessibility for spectators to view events.  This plan will create a state-of-the-art, eight-lane pool, diving area and water treatment system that will offer additional opportunities for our students and the community.


Space to support modern learning is limited. Our classrooms and furniture were not designed for the 21st-century. We don’t have enough classrooms to fit our needs. This plan will create classroom space with updated furniture to accommodate various learning options including small- and large-group discussions and experiential learning. It will also create ample space to accommodate enrollment growth and align teaching spaces with learner needs.


Our buildings are aging and ongoing maintenance needs and compliance issues exceed our budget every year. A new cooling and high-efficiency heating plant at the middle school and high schools—along with district-wide accessibility upgrades—are fiscally responsible and will keep our school running more efficiently and effectively for years to come.


Activity space is limited in the district and we don’t currently have year-round access to a fitness space. This plan provides additional gym space for daytime curricular use, more reasonable scheduling for practices and expanded access of an indoor walking track and multi-purpose courts to community members.


Our technology infrastructure is failing. Much of our network was installed by staff and parent volunteers 25 years ago. Upgrades to our network and communications systems are needed to keep up with our educational needs. This plan will replace and upgrade technology including network cabling, PA systems and other technology equipment.


It is essential that we support our youngest learners before they enter kindergarten. Research suggests expanding early learning initiatives provide a return on investment of $8.60 for every $1 spent, about half of which comes from increased earnings for children when they grow up. Our current programs are housed in spaces that don’t accommodate our learning needs and aren’t adequately integrated with our elementary programs. This plan will create space especially designed for our youngest learners that’s on the main Cold Spring campus to provide integration with kindergarten and beyond.