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2022 referendum addresses important facility updates and new activities center

Beginning June 24 and running through Election Day, August 9, area residents will vote on a referendum that will strengthen facilities, programs and services across the district and connect people of all ages to better opportunities for educational and community growth. The ballot includes two questions.

Question 1 focuses on critical educational and deferred maintenance needs—including security improvements —across all of our district’s facilities. Question 1 also enhances an array of programs that will benefit current and future students—birth through grade 12.

Question 2 focuses on creating a multi-purpose community center that will be funded, in part, by a private donation of $15 million. Question 2 can only pass if Question 1 is passed first.


Our community has an extraordinary opportunity to fund a large portion of the initiatives in Question 2 of the ballot with a significant donation from a private donor. This time-sensitive gift may not be available for future use if it isn’t accepted now.

The gift was presented under the conditions that it’s only available if Question 1 passes in order to prioritize the needed updates to existing facilities, improve the current student experience and secure the financial strength of the district. Once these obligations are met, the gift will help fund the creation of an activities center that will serve all ages for generations to come, as outlined in Question 2.


Early/absentee voting begins Friday, June 24 and ends on Election Day, Tuesday, August 9. Learn more about the referendum so you’re prepared to take action.

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